Call for Submissions and Instructions for Contributors

The Editorial Committee of Masorti: The New Journal of Conservative Judaism invites submissions of article manuscripts, as well as announcements of books to be considered for review. Following the precedent of the journal Conservative Judaism, Masorti serves as a scholarly forum for serious, critical inquiry of Jewish texts and traditions, legacy and law, refining and defining Masorti/Conservative theology and ideology, and examining the changing Jewish community and its spiritual, social, and moral challenges. The journal embraces a worldwide perspective that transcends denominational boundaries and addresses a broad range of academic topics of concern to those committed to intellectual inquiry.

Submissions to Masorti may be sent to the editor at

All manuscripts will be subject to a rigorous, double-blind peer review process. While articles will appear primarily in English, each journal issue will include contributions in Hebrew and Spanish. Writers should follow Masorti’s Style Sheet, the SBL Handbook of Style (2nd ed.; Atlanta: SBL Press, 2014), supplemented by The Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.; Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2017).

Submissions deadlines for Winter issues are July 1; for Summer issues, February 1.

To mark the seventy-fifth anniversary of Israeli independence, the second issue of Masorti (appearing in mid-2023)—“Israel at 75”—will focus on the Land and State of Israel, its politics and culture, Zionism, and Israel-Diaspora relations.